The Raddest, Chillest & Saddest Videos You’ll See Today

  by Mark Tichy.

This is Required Listening our ongoing crush-a-thon wherein we laud praise and adoration upon the things that have been relentlessly streaming into our earholes, dilating our pupils and causing surges of fanboy/girl love bliss.

Chiptune Punks Anamanaguchi’s Rad [MEOW] Video

Step on into Daddz Fun Zone with the misfits, ravers, freaks and jocks in Anamanaguchi’s brilliantly out there new video for “Meow.” The band has an unconventional music making process that utilizes old Nintendo game systems along with their traditional setup and gained serious mainstream cred when they composed the popular soundtrack for the video game adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. But who cares about that stuff, watching the freaks, geeks and jocks tear each other apart in this video is the most fun I’ve had all year. Looking forward to the upcoming album Endless Fantasy.

Danny Brown To Be All “Grown Up”‘ On ‘Old’

Detroit hip hop iconoclast and fashion revolutionary Danny Brown was everywhere last year. We’re still crushing on his breakout single ‘Grown Up’ which was also arguably one of last years best videos and are definitely anticipating his new album Old coming out on Fool’s Gold later this year. Danny described the sound of the new album to Pitchfork recently as “grown up,”more mature” and that it has a more “serious tone” along with other more colorful expressions. In that respect I imagine it will be a continuation of the more honed sound of the ‘Grown Up’ single below which is def something to look forward to.

Love And Loss In Keaton Hensons ‘Small Hands’

Keaton Henson is a London-based singer-songwriter who emerged in 2010 after self-releasing his debut Dear via Bandcamp and forming a strong cult following. He has not toured extensively as he professes to have extreme stage fright. When you listen to the quivering of his voice in “Small Hands” below you believe it when he says “No part of me wanted to share the music with which I had such a profound relationship with a room full of (often drunk and chatty) strangers.” (via The Guardian)

This video for “Small Hands” will definitely move the needle on your emotional tachometer.