Premiere: Joey Ryan & The Inks ‘Of A Feather’

  by mtvU.

Minneapolis, Minnesota band Joey Ryan & The Inks paint themselves as a bunch of ordinary guys but the level of polish in their charming indie pop definitely suggests something more. With a tight sound drawing influences from 60s rock and vocals that on occasion recount soul and even doo-wop, the group has melded together a style all their own. Add to this their industrious nature, recording two albums on their own with the support of family and lovers and The Inks are an admirable group.

This brand new, cute-as-a-button video for “Of A Feather” uses some South Minneapolis students dressed as adorable birds and field mice to tell a story as old as time: boy wants girl, boy doesn’t get girl, boy tries again…

Joey Ryan & The Inks released their latest EP [pause.] in April. Hit up their site for more.