Incubus Front Man Drops Wisdom, Talks New Side Project

  by Mark Tichy.

“Not having enough time and/or space or resources is a matter of perception. There is enough Space And Time to do everything you really need to do. – Brandon Boyd

As the front man of Incubus, a published photographer, exhibited painter and surfer Brandon Boyd is well known for his boundless creative energy and now he has a new musical side project that will make you feel like even more of an underachiever. Boyd created Sons of the Sea’s new EP Compass with renowned Producer/Musician Brendan O’Brien (whose played/worked with everyone from Bob Dylan to My Chemical Romance) in what Boyd described to Rolling Stone as a collaboration, with O’Brien laying down the tunes and Boyd working on the lyrics and the vocals.

Take a listen to “Space and Time” below. The song is an accumulation of fragile layers of instrumentation, some piano here, some synth there, that end up weaving subtly into each other and forming a layer of fluidity for Boyd to skim his vocals over, not unlike a surfer catching a wave.

You can download Compass here and Sons of the Sea’s self-titled debut full length is due out this September.