The Hot Seat: Substantial

  by mtvU.

This week, Substantial answers the age old question: who’s better live, Run D.M.C. or Prince, and then he give us a peek into once crazy trip to Japan when he burns up The Hot Seat.

Q: Tell us about your craziest touring experience.

Substantial: Alcohol poisoning while on tour in Japan exactly a year ago. I haven’t had a drink since. Watching your friend/interpreter black out while you cling to consciousness, isn’t sexy. I’d say it’s pretty damn crazy.

Q: What type of college class would you’d most want to take and why?

Substantial: Japanese or African Studies. Because taking Japanese would have come in handy a year ago. And African studies, because in order to know where you are headed you need to know where you have been.

Q: What city in America is the most fun to visit and why?

Substantial: I always seem to have a lot of fun when I visit LA. Good folks, good times.

Q: What’s some of the best advice you were ever given?

Substantial: A quote my mentor in 8th grade shared with me. “Punks do what they want, boys do what they can, men do what they have to do.”

Q: What’s in heavy rotation in your MP3/CD player right now?

Substantial: Nas’ new album, Kokayi Mass Instructions, Wayna Higher Ground, Lupe Fiasco The Cool, Rhymefest Man In the Mirror Mix CD and anything by QN5 (wink).

Q: The last good book you read or TV show you’re addicted to.

Substantial: The last good book I read was Randy Pausch “The Last Lecture”.

Q: What’s the first concert you ever saw – how was it?

Substantial: Run DMC w/ Naughty by Nature, SWV, Lords of the Underground, and others in Louisville, KY. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, only second to Prince w/ Chaka Khan & Larry Graham. Prince had Doug E. Fresh as his hype man, kinda hard to top that.

Q: What are three items you can’t live without on tour?

Substantial: My PDA, a great pair of headphones & a comfortable pair of sneakers..

Q: Who are your major musical influences?

Substantial: Native Tongues, Outkast, & Redman.

Q: Any random messages or tips you’d like to give to mtvU watchers?

Substantial: Everything else will fall in place. May your future be as bright as the smiles you wear. And I’d say more but I’m all out of fortune cookies. 😉