The Hot Seat: P.O.S.

  by mtvU.

Mohawked punk-rocker turned backpack Rhymesayer P.O.S. would tell you all this to your face, but he’s just a little too busy right now. Booked for more than 50 shows between now and April, the rising star has his hands full getting famous. But because he loves his fans above all else, we tied him down to the Hot Seat for a quick Q&A before sending him back out on the road. Read up.

Q & A with P.O.S.

Q: Tell us about your craziest touring experience.
A: The whole thing is crazy. Once I’m on the road I just kind of sit back and watch crazy things happen around me. I have the best time ever but I’m usually just trying to keep my head on. Not too many hotel-smashings or drunken rampages for me. Not yet anyway.

Q: What type of college class would you most want to take and why?
A: I like history classes a lot; those are the ones I always took the most away from.

Q: What city in America is the most fun to visit and why?
A: As far as touring goes, Salt Lake City because the shows are always insane. It’s a hard city to route on a tour because it’s kinda far from everything, but the people who come to the shows are usually pretty into it. Just to visit I think Portland, because it feels like Minneapolis to me.

Q: What’s some of the best advice you were ever given?
A: “Try not to die,” words of wisdom from a 16 year old kid in Toronto who, maybe 10 minutes earlier, tried to sell Turbo Nemesis (my DJ) acid in the mensroom.

Q: What’s in heavy rotation in your mp3/CD player right now?
A: The Velvet Teen, Cecil Otter and Converge.

Q: The last good book you read or TV show you’re addicted to?
A: I just started the second season of Lost. Touring means you gotta wait for the DVDs and be like a year behind.

Q: What’s the first concert you ever saw and how was it?
A: I saw Climax with my dad but I was too young to remember. Then I saw Brainiac at the 7th Street Entry. That show made me want to play shows. I was in 7th grade I think.

Q: What are three items you can’t live without on tour?
A: CD player. It’s hard to focus with an iPod. I think, sometimes you just wanna have one record to session. Knife the bear. A little bit of my bedroom gives a bit more comfort to a hotel room or a van seat. Clean socks.

Q: Who are your major musical influences?
A: My cousin Mark, Doomtree, a broken karaoke machine as a four-track.

Q: Any random messages or tips you’d like to give to mtvU watchers?
A: Watch out for the cops, clean your plate and try not to die. Peas to Doomtree and Rhymesayers. Thanks for interviewing me.