The Hot Seat: P.O.S.

  by mtvU.

P.O.S.P.O.S. hits us up with his answers to our questions in this week’s Hot Seat.

1. Tell us about your craziest touring experience.
P.O.S.: While roman candle fighting in an alley way in Texas, my guy Ryan who was playing bass and generally making things nuttier on the tour, caught a fire ball between his glasses and his eyeball. Later that night we accidentally burned down a barn(it was on its last leg though, and it was a small barn). We don’t get too crazy.

I will say, that there is a lot of down time on tour. If you don’t find some way to break up the monotony of the drives and waiting around for sound check, you could end up a horrible stupid worthless junkie. Everyone hates junkies, so we start fires and mess around with locals and read books instead.

2. What type of college class would you’d most want to take and why?
P.O.S.: I think if i was to go to college right now, I would major in political science or law, they are both plenty interesting to me.

I guess I have no real interest in being a lawyer, but that seems to be one of those careers where half way through the schooling you get to actually make the choice between good and evil.

3. What city in America is the most fun to visit and why?
P.O.S.: Believe it or not Salt Lake City has gotta be one of the best places to go. Everyone thinks its gonna be all Mormon and lame, and it so is… but if you find the right people to show you around, that city is completely insane.

4. What’s some of the best advice you were ever given?
P.O.S.: “Don’t be afraid to suck sometimes” I’m not telling who said it though. Its about the movement forward instead of dwelling on a bad moment or day or choice. I’ve seen a lot of people hit a plateau because they are too scared to take that next step.

F*** “What if I fail,” how about “What if you pull it off”.

5. What’s in heavy rotation in your MP3/CD player right now?
P.O.S.: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by Spoon. I’m a sucker for this band. The way their songs are produced is unreal to me. So unique and so classically pop/ accessible at the same time. Great record.

6. The last good book you read or TV show you’re addicted to.
P.O.S.: I’ve been reading “THE WORLD WITHOUT US” by Alan Weisman. Its basically about what would happen if all humans disappeared right now, without a trace, no bomb or chemical thing, just if we all of a sudden were gone. It goes into what would happen to our infrastructure and how quickly nature would reclaim its property. Its really well researched and written. not too hippy dippy or scoldy, just real.
Super hopeful too. I haven’t really had time for much tv lately but when I do I’ve been trying to catch up on Mad Men.

7. What’s the first concert you ever saw – how was it?
P.O.S.: Well the first concert I ever saw was that 80’s pop group CLIMAX when i was like 5. Ha. But the first show I chose to go to that I remember was this band called BRANIAC. It was in the 7th st. Entry in Minneapolis. I just remember them freaking out so hard on stage. Tons of energy. So loud. I remember thinking that they couldn’t care less if anyone was there. That whole vibe of just doing what you want with your songs and your body and not really caring if you look cool.
Dancing at people. Not with them.

8. What are three items you can’t live without on tour?
P.O.S.: Fresh socks and underwear are mega key.

Orange juice with pulp is a million times better than those vitamin powder packets but either will do.

A phone. I know, that ones lame huh? but I gotta be able to keep in touch with home. I would go bandanas if I couldn’t.

9. Who are your major musical influences?
P.O.S.: I’ve been the type of music fan that sessions an album for like a month straight before i move on. Like all day everyday till its worn.

So I for sure soak up what I love. Mos Def, Fugazi, Company Flow, Spoon, Atmosphere, At the Drive In, Refused and Kid Dynamite all made/ make records that not only absorbed months or years of my life, but informed my sound, style and what I wanted to be as an artist.

Any random messages or tips you’d like to give to mtvU watchers?
P.O.S.: Don’t believe the hype. Any of it.

Someone is getting paid real money to hype you up.
Nobody is cooler than you. I’m sure that sounds soooo lame. But for real f*** em. They ain’t you.