Ice Cream, Making Out & Nightswimming With GUARDS

  by Mark Tichy.

Making out, getting naked, licking ice cream cones and night swimming. You are so going to be craving summer and more specifically summer romance after watching this sultry and ridiculously attractive new GUARDS video for “Ready To Go.” The black & white clip depicts some American Apparel-level erotic imagery of retro-stylized youth in bloom that goes swimmingly with the catchy as hell 60s flavored rock song. Guards is led by Richie Follin, brother of Cults singer Madeline Follin and lead singer of well known rock band Willowz, and is rounded out by Loren Ted Humphrey and Kaylie Church.

The group is out with their LP In Guards We Trust now and you can definitely trust in Guards to deliver tasty tunes that embrace rock’s past while cultivating an ear for the future.