Great Music, Cool People, New Experience: CMJ Music Marathon

  by mtvU.

A lot of our friends from the College Radio scene are hitting NYC this week for the annual CMJ Music Marathon and are kindly sending us some excellent reviews of what’s happening on the ground for this week’s Required Listening. CMJ is always a look into the future of music so hop into the DeLorean.

Mike Wallz from Penn State reports on his CMJ experience and self-described ‘band of men’ Aunt Martha from CMJ last week.

The day starts off with me aimlessly hopping on a subway, hoping I would arrive at my desired destination. Picking the right train for me was comparable to guessing the correct answer on a multiple-choice exam; needless to say getting to the event was a complex journey in and of itself. One hour and five train transfers later, I had finally arrived at the MST Invasion Day Party at Rockwood Music Hall.

From the moment you walk in you instantly feel the good vibes. Dim lighting in contrast with the well lit stage, beautiful music streaming through the speaker system, and a music loving crowd that surrounded the band from the floor to the upper balcony; all ingredients needed to make for extremely entertaining evening. Drinks in hand, I joined the crowed as I was instantly captivated by the unique sound of Aunt Martha, a band that I had been previously unfamiliar with. As a hip-hop connoisseur, it isn’t every day I get exposed to different styles of indie rock music, not to mention a band I can easily connect with that satisfies my music tastes. This encounter was surprisingly different. At the beginning of the set I was at first skeptical, perhaps even judgmental; having the preconceived notion that I would politely endure the set while trying to adapt to this foreign music culture. The first song begins, and mid way through it I found myself bobbin’ my headed and instinctively singing the words to the chorus along with the band and the rest of the crowd.

Music I had never heard, people I had never met, in a city I had never been to, in an instant all became surprisingly familiar. Through this brand new experience I was able to gain a different perspective to the music world, which at the end of the day will make me a better, more versatile musician.