Top Ten Music Videos from London

  by mtvU.

brennaThis list is made up of some of the music I fell in love with on my latest trip to the States. The Virgins “Private Affair” is definitely a 70’s throw-back and represents the seedy elements behind the entire self-titled album (especially ironic for a name called the Virgins). Passion Pit was another wonderful find, they were able to combine great dance beats with some quality depth in their songs, not an easy task. I discovered Nightmare of You in April and this video is a reflection of the same dark humor that is in all of their songs. As for Cage the Elephant, I got to be on stage with them at Bonnaroo and it was one of the coolest moments of my life. Phoenix finally broke through with “Long Distance Call”, a great song and definitely the best band to ever come out of France. “Next in Line” by Meese is just a really catchy song, and I like the concept of the video doing it as a split screen. This Providence’s “My Beautiful Rescue” has been the number one song to get stuck in my head, just a really pretty simple song with a great melody. Cheers!

10. Liam FinnSecond Chance
9. This ProvidenceMy Beautiful Rescue
8. MeeseNext in Line
7. Phoenix1901
6. The SunstreakUntil I Met You
5. Cage the ElephantAin’t No Rest for the Wicked
4. Nightmare of YouMy Name is Trouble
3. Passion PitThe Reeling
2. Silversun PickupsSubstitution
1. The VirginsPrivate Affair