You Pick The Video That Gets On Air

  by mtvU.

Chaundon, Danse Daimons, Stellar Corpses, The Wedding and Willy Moon all fight for a spot in rotation on this week’s Freshmen.

Note: Voting for this special holiday round of The Freshmen will close on Friday Nov. 30th at 2pm est.


Chaundon ft. YC The Cynic & DJ Flash


Here’s some ambitious “songs in the key of life” from Bronx-born rapper Chaundon. This is some deep hip hop with serious lyrics covering ‘babies having babies,’ the 5 burroughs, corporate bailouts and more. Couple that lyrical substance with the gritty bass line with Chaundon’s booming voice gliding over it and you have a track you can really chew on.



Danse Daimons

“Grown Ass Man”

Let this song be your morning shot of espresso. Danse Daimons, repping from the Bklyn Stickup crew, comes out swinging from the get go in “Grown Ass Man” as both the lyrics and the beat hit hard straight from the start accompanied by simple black & white visuals that allow the flow to flourish.



Stellar Corpses

“Vampire Kiss”

Stellar Corpses describe themselves as ‘morbidly fun punk rock’ and their dedication to the rock gospel is obvious watching them onstage. The video for “Vampire Kiss” takes a page from the classic Vampire film “The Lost Boys” with a seaside amusement park serving as hunting grounds for Vampires thirsty for blood. “Do you wanna live forever?”



The Wedding

“No Direction”

In this traditional performance video for “No Direction” veteran rock band The Wedding are all about the fast exuberant chords in a song about, you guessed it, having no life direction. The song enjoyably peaks in parts with singer Matthew Shelton delving into screamo territory and adding a real layer of emotional complexity to the straight-forward lyrics.



Willy Moon

“Yeah Yeah”

This video is all about dance as London-based Willy Moon stands on a platform conducting an orchestra of funk with relative ease. The catchy chorus also serve as a punch to the bass line urging you to get off your a$$ and join the party. If only I could dance like Willy who is 100% natural and carefree. Scratch that, I can like Willy, or at least think I can dance like Willy, just takes a few drinks.



Since we dig all these videos we’re relying on you to tell us which one gets on air? Vote and tell us in the comments section below.