AVAN LAVA’s Sultry New Video For ‘Sisters’

  by Mark Tichy.

AVAN LAVA is a NY based electronic pop band with a popular and raucous live show I imagine developed partially through their experience working with awesome acts like Fischerspooner, CSS and even Blue Man Group. The band has a rich sound that melds together Prince-style pop flair on one side with a Daft Punk disco edge on the other resulting in some pretty party worthy anthems.

At first glance this new video documents a sultry bisexual love triangle shot in the kind of lush party world we all inhabit in our daydreams. Then you realize the song is called ‘Sisters’ and that’s when it goes from being just a ‘sultry bisexual love triangle’ to a ‘sultry incestuous bisexual love triangle.’ Then you start to feel a little dirty.

Avan Lava is out with their debut EP Flex Fantasy right now.