80s Kids Up To No Good In New ON AN ON Vid

  by Mark Tichy.

Sure this video for “The Hunter” stars headbanging, high jinxing, air guitar playing, leather clad, long-haired misfits (aka, it’s excellent) but the song is far from hair rock. Midwest trio ON AN ON spins a phosphorescent weave of drums and synths in this song that will keep you warm and get you moving. This is the second video off the groups forthcoming album Give In due out on January 29th but up for pre-order now. The band may be hitting a town near you as they are out touring across the US and even have some European dates lined up. So fray those jeans, don’t cut your hair and get ready to tear it up.

Their first video for “Ghosts” features some righteous vintage footage and is equally worth your gaze.